Top Indian basketball teams in 2016

22 June 2016 by No Comments

There is no better way to spend time with the family or some friends then to enjoy a good old fashioned game of basketball. Like all countries everyone has their own favourite when it comes to basketball.

Just like all sports there will be supporters whether or not they have a strong team as their favourite but it is all the more entertaining when you favourite team has a strong playing record. What makes a great team is not only the players but the man behind the scenes that coaches the team, for India, Sat Prakash Yadav and Kenny Natt were of the best coaches the team had an they both did the best with what they had. Indian Basketball isn’t like the other countries, they do not follow the same rules when it comes to seasonal playing. They play tournaments throughout the year; the only difference is the age groups that play and the gender of the team players.

What are some of the 2016 Indian Basketball teams?

Although there are many teams that are considered Indian basketball teams you always need to keep in mind that these teams comprise of Youth (U13), Junior (U16) and Senior (U9) divisions for both Men and Women.

Which team is fast rising in Asia?

Even though the Indian teams can be easily everyone’s favourite, there is one that has caught the eye of everyone and not only in India. The Young Cagers have been making waves in the Basketball world and here’s why:

  • The Indian’s men team, the Young Cagers have instantly become the favourites for Indian supporters thanks to their placement in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship. They haven’t done this well in the Championships since 2003. They have also achieved:

-The 53rd position in the world rankings

-They are just 5 places below the Asian Powerhouse of Chinese Taipei and Japan

-Amjyot Singh who is the power forward also managed to be one of the top five scorers and with his four doubles, he managed a 3rd best score in the overalls

-Amjyot Singh is also one of the top ten for the championship in

  • Rebounds (8.3 rpg)
  • Blocked (1.1 bpg)
  • Efficiency (+17.1)
  • Free throw (73.1Ft %)
  • Amjyot Singh also has been registered as having one of the highest individual scores in the entire championship.
  • He received 32 points when he went up against Palestine in their second round.

Indian National Basketball Teams

Although the Young Cagers are really the team on everyone’s lips, there are some other teams that aren’t half bad and that are still able to make their countries proud! Some of the other Indian Teams include:

  • For the Women:
  1. Indian Railways
  2. Kerala
  3. Delhi
  4. Telangana
  5. Chhattisgarh
  6. Tamil Nadu
  7. West Bengal
  8. Punjab
  9. Maharashtra
  10. Rajasthan
  • For The Men:
  1. Services
  2. Uttarakhand
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Punjab
  5. Karnataka
  6. Indian Railways
  7. Gujarat
  8. Kerala
  9. Haryana
  10. Chattisgarh

These teams have worked hard to get to where they are now and even though some may think they can’t do it they have proved them wrong before; after a lot of training and determination they are able to make their country and supporters proud. Some people love to place bets on them. Although not all the teams have now qualified to compete in the rest of the tournament you are able to see their determination in getting as far as they have. Everyone is holding thumbs for their team to become the crowned champions in the tournament.

Why Basketball?

Not only is a game of basketball quite an exciting pastime, many families like to watch a game together. It can be fun and exciting causing large crowds to get together. The excitement of watching your team win or close to winning is a feeling that only true supporters can appreciate. It is also a great way for families and friends to get together to have an afternoon of fun, eventually placing bets online. Whether or not your team does well it is always a nice way to get excited about something.

For any team beating another on their own turf is always an achievement and that is definitely what it was like for India when they beat China on their home ground with a score of 65-58 during the FIBA Asia Cup in 2014. It was also a historical win; the biggest win for India in the course of eight decades. It was also thanks to the great win that India was chosen to become a Professional League in the world of Basketball.