Online Betting VS Betting Parlors – Which Is Better?

8 April 2019 by No Comments

One of the vexing dilemmas punters often face is whether to bet online or to try a land-based bookmaker. People get torn between spending the afternoon with the rest of the guys and commenting on the outcome of matches, or placing a bet in seconds and making use of the promotional bonuses not unlike the offer from Mybet.

In order to put this issue to rest, we have compared and contrasted the two. They both have their share of advantages and disadvantages, so it might be close. Enjoy.


Land-based bookmakers and betting parlors usually stick to the major sporting events or the major sports favored by the local community. In other words, you can bet on soccer, basketball, races of various kinds, and legendary events like the Olympics, or the World Cup. In other words, if you are in a community that loves watching the UEFA, you are unlikely to be able to place a bet on Tour de France winners.

Online betting platforms, on the other hand, have a global customer base, so they have to keep it engaged and interested. For this reason, you can bet on nearly anything when it comes to online bookies. Believe it or not, this includes things like futsal, darts, cricket, and even the esports in certain cases. You would be surprised at the number of people betting on a kid from Korea or Russia making a perfect shot in a 5v5 Counter-Strike match. So, this round goes to online betting.


Betting houses and parlors usually accept nothing but the local currency, with a small exception here and there to globally popular currencies, like the US dollar, or the euro. They are also likely to accept only cash or major credit cards. That being said, you can collect your winnings in a matter of seconds.

Online betting sites have a ridiculous amount of options when it comes to depositing your money. Some have even started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, meaning that it is very convenient for you to place your bet online without having to pop over to the exchange office and change your money. However, their withdrawal options tend to be somewhat slimmer and you may wait up to a week or more to get ahold of your winnings. This one is a draw.


If you want to place a bet and be done with it, sites and apps are a way to go. If, however, you are looking for a good time, the social aspect of betting, and the ambiance, you would have to go with offline locations. While this is something that comes down to personal preference, your local bookie is the winner.

Betting Options

Brick-and-mortar places have a limited number of options when it comes to placing a bet. You can place the traditional over/under, totals, and the like. By contrast, online sites have a plethora of options for their clients to enjoy, the scope of which depends on the online bookmaker in question. One thing worth noting is that you can also place a wager online using betting exchanges, which come with their own set of options. To put it simply, if you know where to look, you can bet on almost any situation in almost any way online.


When compared head-to-head, online betting is the clear winner. It offers more options, it is more convenient, and its downsides are easily remedied with a little bit of patience. Still, whether a pundit places a bet online or in an official land-based establishment is completely up to them.