The FIBA Asia Championship

22 June 2016 by No Comments

What is FIBA Asia Championship?

FIBA Asia Championship is an international basketball competition which takes place after every two years between state teams of Asia.  The championship which was initially known as Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) usually comprises of both men and women competition. It is through this competition that national teams in Asia are selected to participate in the Olympic basketball competition and FIBA Basketball World Cup. This routine, however, ended in the year 2015 when the last Asian basketball competition to act as the qualifiers to Olympic Games and FIBA Basketball World Cup was held. The 2017 FIBA Asia competition is also said to be the last Asian Championship to be held since the competition will be re-formatted in the year 2021.

Review of India in the championship

India first showed up on the global stage in the 1965 Asian Basketball Championship. In that competition, the Indian team started out as fairly competitive. The captain of the team, Khusi Rami was the second best scorer. He maintained this achievement in the year 1967 and 1969 tournaments as well. Ever since, the Indians remained the position in the championship. They had their most triumphant tournament in the year 1975 when they managed to finish in the last four.

In the late 90s, India experienced the rise of Sozhasingarayer Robison. He was the first Indian basketball player to get a substantial global acknowledgment. Robinson inspired India to a shocking win over South Korea one of the finest teams in Asia. He was also the first Indian to get a contract bid from another continent when Negar Sang Sharekordin of Iran signed him. In the year 2005, Robinson retired from the national team to show his protest as the Indian government did not give enough support to the basketball team.

Former Sacramento Kings head coach Kenny Natt coached India national team in the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship. Even though the team did not reach its expectations, many considered the results fair. This is because they defeated Lebanon, which managed to be in the top four in the previous championship. It is also important to note that India won the South Asian Championship in 2014. In the following year, India managed two wins and also finished three places higher in the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship.

A change in the tournament

FIBA put into practice a new tournament format. In the year 2015, FIBA Asia Championship held in Changsha was the last one to act as the qualification to both Olympic Games and FIBA Basketball World Cup.The 2017 competition will be the first standalone Asian tournament. The championship held in 2017 will also be last Asian championship ever to occur and under a two-year series. The FIBA Oceania Championship and the Asian Championship will combine to form a single tournament known as FIBA Asia Pacific tournament. This tournament is to be hosted after every four years just like the Afro basketball, Euro basketball, and America championship. This has obviously a big impact on the sports calendar and on the bookies offers such as this Betfred promo code given by bookmakers allowing betting on basketball. We can hope that 2017 will be a new start for the championship.

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The new tournament

In the new tournament, the qualification will be through different FIBA Asia subordinate zones. The southeast, west, east and gulf zones will receive 2 slots each while the central and south zone will get one slot each. The champions of the previous FIBA Asia Cup and the host will also get one berth each.

The remaining 4 slots will be distributed to the subordinate zones according to their performance in the preceding FIBA Asia Cup with the subordinate zone getting an extra slot for each team in the top four ruling out the host and the champion.

There is a brilliant future for the Asian championship under the new title, qualification and also tournament format. We are looking forward to a much more interesting and competitive Indian team in the new arrangement.