Famous Chinese Basketball Players

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Yao Ming

Yao Ming became an international star as a center for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. He stands at impressive 7-foot 6-inches. On a lighter note, he is proof that not all Chinese are 5 foot and under. Some would say he was specially bred to be that tall. His parents were also unusually tall, and they both played basketball professionally. His mother, Fang Feng Di, is 6-foot 3-inches, and his father Yao Zhi Yuan is 6-foot 7-inches.Yao Ming eventually bowed out of the game due to injuries to his feet and legs. He thus retired at the age of 30 in 2011.

Yao Ming evoked a feeling of emotional entanglement especially with the Chinese. One would be sure that at every new NBA city he arrived at, the local Chinese student groups would have bought a section of the tickets. The other players in the NBA wondered what he ate, and the shorter players looked forward at the prospect of dunking over him. He seemed to serve as a representation of the potential of Asia even though that was an imagined connection. In his earlier games, he did not impress at all. However, he began putting on better performances as time went on.

Yao the trailblazer

At one game in Miami, the arena distributed complimentary fortune cookies. This act didn’t get the intended goal of welcoming him as he had never even seen a fortune cookie having grown up in China. It was a gross caricaturization of the Asian culture. He ended up figuring that it was an American invention. Yao accomplished the feat of trail blazing in the NBA for any other Chinese who may want to follow in his footsteps. After his retirement, there were many former and prospective NBA players who went to China to play professionally. Kobe Bryant was one of those players. He toured several provinces, visited factories and also launched children’s initiatives. Bryant told a Chinese reporter that opening up doors for Chinese basketball players to come to the NBA started from Yao.

Sun Mingming

Sun is one of the tallest players in professional basketball. He is currently a free agent, but he played last for the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association.He is 7-foot 8.75-inches. He is married to Xu Yan, and they hold the claim to the title of Tallest married couple. Both of them are sports people as he is a basketballer while she is a handball player. They met at the in sporting action at the National Games in China in 2009.

Sun’s medical history

There are inevitably many comparisons drawn between Sun and Yao. However, Sun could not make it into the NBA due to his lack of speed and athletic ability. It was concluded that he lacked aggressiveness and stamina on the court. This news was bad, but it was superseded by the discovery of a benign brain tumor pressing against his pituitary gland. This tumor had caused an overproduction of the growth hormone which led to a condition known as acromegaly. This condition results in abnormal and unstoppable growth in various parts of the body. The tumor was also hindering proper production of testosterone which explained his decreasing stamina and endurance. There was a highly successful operation to remove his tumor, and he continued with his passion for basketball.

Sun’s triumph over adversity

His height has posed some unique challenges to the other players, and they have had to devise some tactics around that. The players prefer to move around him rather than laterally as he is not very good in moving diagonally. Trying to go over him would be an exercise in futility as he simply holds the ball in the air out of reach from the other players. He also experiences some difficulties on the court, but he tries to be more aggressive thus conditioning himself to improve his speed as well. However, he has many advantages as well as he can dunk while barely leaving the ground.