Best Basketball tricks, skills and moves 2016

22 June 2016 by No Comments

Over the years, basketball in India has been making significant steps. The game has been evolving as not only a fad but also being a leading sport in the nation. Being played in almost every institution, basketball in India is now experiencing an increased popularity. 

The Indian basketball team has taken part in numerous global events. The most recent participation was in the 2014 Asian Games where they were able to reach the preliminary rounds. Even though the team has not yet reached its pinnacle, it has nowhere else to go but ahead. For the team and other Indian basketball players to progress and attain their ‘’A’’ game, it is essential for them to practice and grasp the very best. According to Satnam, one of the India’s basketball gurus, height or rather, the physique has little or nothing at all to do with the game. He went ahead to say that he usually play with the finest players who stand at 5.6 feet or even shorter. He stated that only hard work matter in the game of basketball contrary to the common belief that physique is really the thing in basketball.

Moves and skills in basketball

With the average height of an Indian being 5.5 feet, this should not be an undermining factor to Indian basketball players. Armed with the latest skills, tricks and moves a basketball player and a team at large can prosper to very high levels. This article discusses the latest basketball tricks and moves which can propel a basketball player to the pinnacle of his career. Remember you can bet on dribbling skills with operators like William Hill.


Dribbling is one of the most basics skills that a basketball player must become skilled at. It is important to know how to dribble effectively and when to dribble. Over dribbling can bring to an end a team’s aggressive motion and energy. To become a reliable dribbler, a player must frequently practice how to dribble and do so with both hands. Players usually dribble for the following reasons

  • To move the ball ahead up the court
  • To compel into the hood
  • To get exposed for a shot
  • To get a better chance of making a pass
  • To get yourself out of a trap
  • To waste time at the end of the game

Players should also remember to dribble with their finger tips and not the palms. The head should always be up and eyes frontward. Dribbling should not stop until the player can either shoot or pass the ball. Players should also practice and know when to do various types of dribbling such as control dribble, speed dribble, crossover dribble, in and out dribble, hesitation dribble and behind the back dribble.

Pebble throw

In order to easily score, not very tall players like the in the case of Indian players, they should practice the pebble throw move. In this type of move, a player is to hold the ball in four fingers leaving out the thumb. The player should lift the ball high above his head and swiftly force the ball through the air and score. This is the most efficient way to beat the hard blockers.


Another important skill in the game of basketball is passing the ball. The two most common passes include the chest pass and the bounce pass. In the chest pass the ball moves directly from your chest to your teammate with a little curve.  This type of pass is the easiest one to be intercepted by the opponent. On the other hand, the bounce pass usually comes from the waist area or the chest. It involves the ball bouncing near the opponent’s feet straight to your teammate.

It is the most effective type of pass players should get skilled at. To be perfect at passing, players should always remember to pass with both hands, to step into their passes, to follow through their passes and also pass away from the opponents.


Last but not least, let us get a glimpse at shooting. It is the most important skill in the game as long as scoring or making a basket is concerned. Three pointers are the’’ hot cake’’ of shooting. In the words of Stephen Curry, one of the most prolific three-point shooters, to make a successful three point, you got to have a dense follow through so that each shot is as silky and recurring as possible.